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Articles And Interviews About Problems of Products Design

Our expert knowledge in the sphere of industrial design is based on versatile experience of marketing researches, detecting tendencies and design trends, working with the form and ergonomics, using modern technologies and tools, interacting with the production process and the customer.

Careful attention to the construction, form design in the context of rapidly changing fashion, replenishing one’s arsenal with new expressive means, using automated design methods – these are the usual for a designer tools that can be applied to any new product to achieve a leading product as a final result.

Value Of Broken Toys

The article about works by Oleg Dolnikoff in issue 1 of ProDesign magazine.
Oleg Dolnikoff – a designer of “BelTeks Optik” (Lida) company, which manufactures popular in the USA and Western Europe optical devices under the YUKON brand. He came to the designers union on his mountain bike, all wet from the falling snow flakes and mess on the roads. He said: “People are funny – they are ready to pay huge money to go on a trophy-safari. They’d better try riding on a bike in snowy Minsk – they’d get lots of unforgettable impressions.” On entering the room, he put on the table, besides which I and President of the Belarusian Union of Designers – Dmitry Surski – were seated, a 30X zoom “Scout” telescope, two halves of a night vision sight and albums with lots of photographs taken by him.
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Working All-Out

Article about Serguei Gurinovich in Issue 12 of ProDesign magazine.
It is well for two bright personalities to work in the same career and it is rare luck. According to Serguei, it would still be possible only with Popov, nowadays an Israeli. An artist-designer just can’t live without ambitions, but co-authors have a job to do. If two designers work productive it is one vector. But each has his/her own tasks and topics. Co-authorship itself was possible only at one project – prism binoculars with unique folding covers. There was a precedent, when the first “optical” work by Gurinovich was stolen on the very first day directly from the stand in German Cologne (where, by the way, only VIP-people were allowed)… most likely by the pushy Chinese.
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