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Value Of Broken Toys

Value Of Broken ToysOleg Dolnikoff – a designer of “BelTeks Optik” (Lida) company, which manufactures popular in the USA and Western Europe optical devices under the YUKON brand. He came to the designers union on his mountain bike, all wet from the falling snow flakes and mess on the roads.

He said: “People are funny – they are ready to pay huge money to go on a trophy-safari. They’d better try riding on a bike in snowy Minsk – they’d get lots of unforgettable impressions.

On entering the room, he put on the table, besides which I and President of the Belarusian Union of Designers – Dmitry Surski – were seated, a 30X zoom “Scout” telescope, two halves of a night vision sight and albums with lots of photographs taken by him.

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