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Modern Industrial Product Design

The authors of the presented works have been professionally working in the sphere of industrial design for many years. During these years they have completed many diverse projects for various applications. Here we list only several latest works implemented by applying modern CAD technologies.

When developing each of the represented devices, the underlying design problems were the starting point for solutions, which in the long run turned into the device’s competitive advantages.

Access Card Reader

Access Card Reader
We developed industrial design of a case for non-contact access card reader. The device can be installed in offices and has a design that demonstrates modernity, reliability and security of the installed access control equipment.
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Plastic Night Vision Sight

Industrial design of plastic night vision sight case
We designed a case for plastic night vision sight, which is almost fully made of plastic and uses all benefits of the material. The case is shockproof, dampproof, leakproof and gas-filled, and its price at the same time is several times less than the price of traditional metal cases.
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Night Vision Device

Industrial design of night vision sight.
Our team developed concept and design of night vision device. The device is constructed as the basis for building a range of different packages on its basis. The appearance of the device on the one hand is in the range of modern consumer electronic devices, and on the other hand – has an imprint of its military origin. The problem of protective cover fixation is solved in the device.
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Accessories For Optical Devices

Industrial design of accessories for optical devices.
Our team designed a range of adapters, connectors and attachments for main optical devices. The design of the developed accessories replicates the style of the main device, and the assembled complex of devices is perceived as complete device. We solved the problem of assembling and disassembling the accessory – the process is quick and does not require extra effort.
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100X Zoom Telescope

Industrial design of telescope
Our team designed a case and suggested a unique constructive solution for a telescope with large zoom range. The device design was dictated by non-traditional arrangement of device optical elements, requirements to constructions of optical devices and technology of plastic parts production. The complexity of shaping was aggravated by large dimensions of the device (only the diameter on front lens was 100mm!) and the box shape was dictated by the arrangement of optical elements.
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Industrial case design for e-book reading device.
Our team developed case design for an e-book reading device. By its appearance the electronic device resembles the common printed book. The functionality of the device is reached by six scrolling buttons, which differently react depending on reading mode. The cover rest provides both display protection when carrying and a possibility to put the device on the table and read the text without using your hands.
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Range of Prism Binoculars

Industrial binoculars case design
Our team designed a case for prism binoculars with protective ocular covers. A fully rubbered binoculars case ensures shock resistance, grip and tactile comfort when using the device. The rotating mechanism of cover fixation allows easily adjusting device ergonomics according to individual preferences. The jointed construction of the cover fixing block excludes possibilities of it being lost.
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Video Attachment

Industrial design of video attachment case for capturing video image.
Our team developed a case for video attachment for capturing video image from different optical devices. The device functionally resembles usual web-cameras, but is specially designed for use in complex with optical devices. The case design provides visual compatibility of the attachment with the used telescopes and night vision devices.
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Range Of Night Vision Sights

Industrial design of night vision sight.
Our team developed industrial design of night vision sight. The device construction is based on the application of plastic elements in complex with tube parts. With the purpose to visually complicate the appearance of the device, we made a cone-shaped form to the objective ‘tube’, not typical to competitors. Thanks to this device, similar devices started appearing in the market.
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Automotive GPS / GLONASS navigator

Enclosure design of automotive GPS / GLONASS navigatior
We designed the enclosure for automotive GPS / GLONASS navigation and communication device on Android OS with 5-inch sensor screen and GSM/GPRS/3G support.
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AK1100 Thin Client

Enclosure design of AK1100 thin client
We developed design and enclosure for AK1100 thin client. This is a computer for work in client/server or terminal networks.
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DO-RA portable dosimeter-radiometer

Enclosure design of DO-RA portable dosimeter-radiometer
We designed the enclosure of a miniature device for radiation measuring — DO-RA dozimeter-radoimeter. Maximum compact enclosure of DO-RA.Classic was developed (for iPhone 4, 4s). There was designed as well the enclosure of universal DO-RA.uni model (for any mobile phone, tablet PC or laptops with standard audio output).
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Onboard automotive data logger

Industrial design of onboard automotive data logger enclosure
We developed design and enclosure of onboard data logger — portable device for control and diagnostics of car technical condition. Enclosure size and form allows to put the device into OBD-II connector (all cars after 1996 support this feature).
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AK-System IP-Plug mini-server

Enclosure design of AK-System IP-Plug mini-server
We designed enclosure for AK-System IP-Plug mini server — multifunctional device for work in SOHO networks. Major advantages: simple assembly and low cost of enclosure parts during batch production.
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SmartLabs IPTV Set-top box

We designed the enclosure of IPTV set top box and prepared a set of design documentation for batch production. The project was implemented by order of SmartLabs, a Russian platform developer for digital TV services.
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