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Design of Telescope With Great Zoom Degree

CustomerIndustrial design of telescope with large zoom range

Yukon Optics.

Development end – 2002


The customer put the objective to design a cheap technological and at the same time functional device oriented to mass consumers. The device needed to have 25-100X Zoom and achieve inclusion in the 100X market sector. Another compulsory condition of device success in the market was the low price of the device.

Our solution

The restriction of maximal price determined the material to be used in most parts – plastic.

The innovation of the device came from the main problem of devices with great zoom – the complexity of aiming the device with a small field of view to an object. Such devices often have simple aiming attachments.

The optical scheme supplied by the customer represents a Z-type light section, in which compactness is ensured by two mirrors, which decrease the length by three times.

We investigated that it is possible to add an additional objective with small zoom in this optical scheme, with the help of which it would be possible to aim the device.

Industrial design of telescope. In the cut-out you can see the mechanism of diverting mirror and other construction elements.

Our solution was to use one of the mirrors as a switch between the main (zoom range 25-100) and additional (zoom range 6-25) objectives. As a result, the received zoom range was expanded by two times in relation to the planned zoom 6-100X. This solution gave the customer another marketing advantage, in addition to low price and 100X zoom.

The device design was dictated by the non-traditional arrangement of optical device elements, requirements to constructing optical devices and technology of making plastic parts. The complexity of shaping was aggravated by the large dimensions of the device (only the diameter of the front lens – 100mm!) and the box shape was dictated by the arrangement of optical elements.

To visually lighten the device we chose swift ‘aircraft’ plastic resembling jet engine with aerodynamic forms.

The product was successfully brought into the market and other companies still don’t have analogs among their products. The device is very competitive both by price and its consumer characteristics.

BenefitsIndustrial design of telescope. Rotating ocular.

    • Familiar appearance;
    • Fast switching between the main and additional channel;
    • Super zoom range – 6-100X;
    • Expansion of the original 25-100X zoom range by two times;
    • Low self-cost of device manufacture;
    • Absence of analogs in the market for four years;
    • Recognized success of the device in the market.

Awards and references


Oleg Dolnikoff – project management, design, construction

Stojan Tikhanovich – solid modeling, technological expertise

Development tools and technologies

Kompas, Pro Engineer

SLA prototyping

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