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Industrial Design Of Accessories For Optical Devices

CustomerIndustrial design of accessories for optical devices.

Yukon Optics.

Development end – 2003


The customer had the goal to expand functionalities of their main optical devices with additional accessories. To achieve this it was necessary to design a range of adapters, connectors and attachments, in particular, to design a case for directional microphone and infrared light.

Our solution

The approach to designing such devices is to ensure visual, ergonomic and mechanical “compatibility” of an accessory and the device.The appearance of designed accessories replicates the main device, and the assembled complex of devices is considered as the complete device.

The fixation place for the accessory is chosen so that not to prevent the access to control elements of the main device, its further mounting on tripod and to provide easy connection with the help of connecting cables.Industrial case design of directional microphone.

Our team solved the problem of accessory assembling and disassembling – the process is easy and does not require extra effort. At the same time the docking assembly ensures the reliable connection of the accessory to the main device.

Each developed accessory at the same required taking into account special requirements to designed objectives.


    • Visual compatibility with the “main” device;
    • Sophisticated construction of the docking assembly.


Oleg Dolnikoff – design

Sergey Gurinovich – design

Development tools

Kompas, Photoshop.

The goal of industrial design is to create ergonomic and intrinsically attractive products | info@dolnikoff.com