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Design of The Device for Reading E-Books

CustomerIndustrial design of the device for reading e-books.

Our team developed concept design for a private customer and project documentation for e-book to be later presented to an investor.

Development end – 2006


E-book is a device mainly designed for comfortable reading of texts in electronic format. The requirements to such device were: simplicity of use, average display size (about 8 inches) and mobility.

Our solution

The concept of the e-book was formed from the pre-condition: the electronic device must as much as possible resemble the common printed book. Such approach aimed to attract even those people to use this device who have little to do with digital devices. The format of front panel is A5, the cover resembles book cover, battery compartment – book back, the fields around visible display field – printed fields of the common printed book.

Industrial design of the device for reading e-books. Various device positions.


The functionality of the device is reached by means of 6 scrolling buttons, which differently react depending on reading mode (album, portrait, in the left or right hand). Two additional keys are used to call the menu and change operation modes of the device. The device rest provides both display protection when carried and a possibility to put the device on the table and read the text without using your hands. In such case rubber stops prevent any movements of the e-book on keys pressing. Interface connectors are secured by a folding cover, which prevents accidental hits of side objects and dust.


    • Comfortable and habitual for reading form-factor.
    • Visual resemblance with common printed book.
    • Three operation modes (album, in the right or left hand).
    • Display protection by the folding cover.
    • A rest for album reading on the table.


Oleg Dolnikoff – project management, construction

Sergey Gurinovich – design

Stojan Tikhanovich – solid modeling, technological expertise

Development tools

Photoshop, 3DS Max, Pro Engineer.

The goal of industrial design is to create ergonomic and intrinsically attractive products | info@dolnikoff.com