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Night Vision Sights Design (NVRS)

CustomerIndustrial design of night vision sight.

Yukon Optics

Development end – 2001


The objective was to develop a sight to be recognized by its appearance against competitors’ devices. The internal package and technical characteristics can be compared with analog devices. The device is positioned in the low price category.

The sight must slightly resemble military equipment for having a corresponding image on the planned product markets (USA and Europe).

Our solution

By having studied the competitive items represented in the market, we found out that all of them were made using the milling method from metal massif. As a consequence, the appearance of those products resembles a composition of geometric primitive elements. The applied technology on the one hand puts restrictions on shaping, and on the other hand is negatively reflected on product cost.

The device construction was made by using plastic elements together with tubular parts, the usage of which significantly decreased the device’s cost. The application of plastic, over and above the technological gain, also easily allowed the product’s shape to be changed.

To visually complicate the device shape, we added a cone-shaped form to the objective ‘tube’, which was not typical to competitors. The design of the control unit is explained mostly by ergonomics. For example, the switch was made massive to allow working in thick gloves in the cold, while the usage of the device in the dark explains the necessity to control neutral positions of switches by touch. The protective cover was made spring-mounted to provide possibility of fast shifting of the device into working position.

Industrial design of night vision sight. Side view.


Because of this device, similar devices started appearing in the market.


    • ‘Fresh’ device appearance in the competitors range;
    • Low production cost by means of optimizing production technology;
    • Sophisticated ergonomics;
    • Long life in the market due to the compromise found between price and quality;
    • Incorporating features from competing products.


Oleg Dolnikoff – project management, design

Development tools

Kompas, Solid Works

The goal of industrial design is to create ergonomic and intrinsically attractive products | info@dolnikoff.com