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Design of Night Vision Monocular (NVMT)

CustomerIndustrial design of night vision sight.

Yukon Optics.

Development end – 2003


The objective was to create a remarkable by its appearance night vision monocular. The internal packaging and technical characteristics can be compared with general mass of analog devices. The device is positioned into the low price segment.

The device must become the basis for building a range of different packages on its basis.

Our solution

There was no possibility to make the device competitive by its technical characteristics – the used OEM components fully define the optical scheme, technical characteristics and device properties.

Our market analysis showed that the overwhelming majority of analog devices were developed without the emphasis on design. It was historically established because night vision sights were used exclusively for military purposes and they had the corresponding look.

Industrial design of night vision sight. The device mounted to sight bed.

With such initial conditions, the main objective was to find a form that would promote the device in the market and ensure its popularity with the audience.


Low price segment supposes that a hunter from the Russian country, a paintball gamer and a father (as a birthday gift to his son) could afford this device. So, on the one hand, the appearance of the device must similar to modern consumer electronics, and on the other hand – have an imprint of its military origin. The created form doesn’t contain anything unnecessary, but at the same time it possesses necessary visual complexity and reminds devices of special purpose.Industrial design of night vision sight. The protective cover fixed to case’s side surface.

We successfully solved the problem of using a protective cover in the device. The side’s case surface has a special place where one can reliably fix the removed cover.


    • Precisely found case design meeting market demands;
    • Protective cover fixation system;
    • Sophisticated ergonomics;
    • High level of sales and device popularity;
    • Product acceptance by resellers: Hummer, Bushnell, Newton


Serguei Gurinovich – design;

Stojan Tikhanovich – solid modeling.

Development tools

Photoshop, Pro Engineer.

Hummer and Bushnell catalogs demonstrate the developed night vision sight.

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