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Design Of Field Prism Binoculars With Increased Protection

CustomerIndustrial design of field binoculars case.

Yukon Optics

Development end – 2003


As the market of analog devices is filled to the limit, the customer required us to create a product with distinctive competitive advantage to get advantageous position in the market.

The main competitive advantage must have been the availability of protective covers on objective and a rubber case for the device.

A standard optical base must be the basis of the device, and the device itself must be a ‘package’ for this OEM product.

Our solution

Usability and simplicity are very important in field conditions. The designed protection of objectives and oculars fully satisfy these criteria. The design of massive covers visually underlines a reliable protection of external optical elements.

The rotating mechanism of cover fixation allows easily adjusting the ergonomics of the device according to individual preferences. A jointed construction of cover fixation unit excludes possibilities of it to be lost.

A fully rubbered binoculars case ensures shock resistance, grip and tactile comfort when using the device.

The device has an evident ‘male’ design and fully satisfies the target audience of users of this binoculars range.

The ideas expressed by the customer were successfully implemented. The range of binoculars released in the market firmly took the place of ‘average device’ between cheap Chinese products and devices of well-known brands.

Industrial design of field binoculars case. In the cut-out you can see rubbered case and construction of protective cover.


    • Male device design satisfying expectations of target audience;
    • Practical and reliable protective covers for objectives and oculars;
    • Attached construction of protective covers;
    • Recognizable design of the Yukon Optics brand. 

Awards and reviews

    • “Caliber” magazine award


Oleg Dolnikoff – project management, design, construction

Sergey Gurinovich – design

Igor Ershov – solid modeling, technological expertise

Development tools and technologies

Photoshop, Kompas, Pro Engineer

SLA prototyping

Publications in “Caliber” magazine about the developed prism binoculars.

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