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Design Of An Attachment For Capturing Image From Optical Devices

CustomerIndustrial design of case of a video attachment for capturing image.

Yukon Optics.

Development end – 2005


The objective was to develop a case for video attachment for capturing video image from various optical devices. The device functionally resembles usual web-cameras but is specially designed for use in a complex with optical devices.

Our solution

The developed case design ensures visual compatibility of the attachment with used telescopes and night vision devices.

Constructively, the case consists of two plastic semi-cases, docking unit and connector for a video signal receiver.

The docking unit provides reliable device fixation to the ocular of the ‘main’ optical device and at the same time compatibility with oculars of different constructions.


  • Visual compatibility with the ‘main’ device.
  • Reliable fixing on the ocular.
  • Possibility to use different ocular types.


Sergey Gurinovich – design

Stojan Tikhanovich – solid modeling

Development tools

Photoshop, ProEngineer.

Industrial design of video attachment case for capturing image. The device is mounted on the main device.

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