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Team Of Specialists In Industrial Design

The completed projects wouldn’t have been performed by efforts of one person because the specifics of projecting design is connected with many artistic, ergonomic, technological, constructive, marketing and other aspects. Only well-organized work of a group of specialists capable of seeing the problem and making the right decision could bring success to a project.

Each of them has great experience in the sphere of industrial design. And this experience harmoniously supplements the expert knowledge of the team as a whole.

Oleg Dolnikoff

Industrial design of device cases for application in everyday life – consumer electronics; ecological furniture; optical devices (industrial design for Yukon brand).
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Serguei Gurinovich

Designer Serguei Gurinovich
Industrial case design of medicine equipment; optical devices (industrial design for the Yukon brand); toys design
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The goal of industrial design is to create ergonomic and intrinsically attractive products | info@dolnikoff.com